Can you really call yourself a high roller if you don’t know your games RTP?

Nobody would hate having a good day playing a casino slot that gives them back more money than they had placed.But do some casino slots have more chances of displaying a winning combination than others?

This is a question that most casino players contemplate about as they try to figure out how to get more wins from online slot games.

A good player should understand their game. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the secret behind the working of the online casino slots.

Any high roller out there venturing into online slot games is always conversant with Random Number Generation (RNG), Return to Player (RTP) and hit frequency. These concepts in slot games help them put aside misconceptions on the online casino slots.

So it is essential to look at the working of an online casino slot to determine why knowing your games RTP is of importance.

  • How does an online casino slot work and why you should choose your slot?
  • To understand the working of a casino slot, you should consider the following
  • The Random Number Generator (RNG)
  • The Return to Player (RTP)
  • The hit frequency

Random number generator (RNG) in online casino slots

Before you choose a casino slot to place your bet, you need to understand how the winning combination numbers are generated.

A computer component called the Random Number Generator (RNG) in all online casino slots is the main feature that generates winning number combinations. It produces the number once you click play or spin.

Therefore, an outcome such as a win is solely determined by the systems RNG and does not rely on the previous results or spins because they are not programmed to do so as the law stipulates.

The working of RNG begins once you initiate the spin and at that instance, it will automatically start generating whole numbers at the rate of a hundred numbers per a given second. At the instance, you click to stop the spin the number that the RNG is on will appear on the screen.

Return to player (RTP) in online casino slots

Next, we need to focus on how the casino slots return wagered money to players over a given time commonly what is referred to as RTP. RTP explained in simple terms means; it is the percentage of wagered money that a slot returns to its players over a given period. If the slot has an RTP of 90%, it means that if you place a bet of £ 1 a hundred times to make a total of £ 100 the slot should pay you back £ 90.

This does not necessarily mean that you always win at that instance and hardly do machine operate in that manner. The RTP is a long-term calculation, and we can break it down further by looking at a period length of one month.

Therefore, if the total wager was £ 2000 in that month, the machine will give back £ 1800 with one person winning £ 1000, others may gain the £ 800 remaining and others will walk away with nothing. The above explanation applies to video slots RTP.

But being a higher roller this should not be all, other factors such as the hit frequency are also crucial.

Hit frequency in online slot games

Hit frequency means the likelihood of a slot machine stopping on a given winning combination expressed as a percentage. Therefore a slot machine that has a percentage hit frequency of 10% means that out of a 100 spins, you will have ten wins.

In most cases the higher the hit frequency, the higher the chances of winning but an increase in chances of winning also means earning less cash.

Importance of Knowing RTP, RNG and Hit frequency

As mentioned, the higher the RTP and hit frequency the higher the chances of winning. The chances of winning increase with an increase in the number of times you play. Therefore ensure that you chose the online slot games with higher RTP.

Also, a higher hit frequency does not necessarily mean you will end up with more money such as in video slots despite considering the video slots RTP.

To conclude, in gambling you must be ready to lose money to win. The more the number of times you place a wager the more the chances you have of winning.

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