A new kind of poker game is making waves at online casinos

A new kind of poker game is making waves at online casinos: Fish Party, a Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) poker variant brings together a new casino and poker experience with an exciting effect. The game gives players a chance to sign up for the Spin & Go jackpot tournaments for limitless prospects of landing bountiful prizes and cash. The new experience is already available for real money play at several UK casinos.

Features and Symbols of the Fish Party Slot Game

The micro-gaming free online slot games offer players unique features. It has 3 rows and 5 reels. Additionally, there are 243 ways/paylines for gamblers to get huge pays and prizes by enjoying the party going on in the aquarium.

Fish Party is available in virtually all online casino sites and provides a pleasant surprise to first-time players with its potent blend of colours. With a dominant blue background and a bubbly effect, punters experience a virtual aquarium party. The symbols feature a combination of yellow, pink, brown to further give a visual impression.

The shell is the scatter sign in this online micro-gaming poker variant. When two shells appear on the reel, an individual has the chance to win. However, when three or more shells stack up on the reels, one is eligible for 20 free spins.

While gaming, the King Fish, Joker Fish, and Golden Fish may also display in the reels to re-trigger free spins. As always, the wild symbol’s purpose is to substitute any symbol appearing in the paylines, but cannot replace the Shell (scatter symbol).

This online casino slot also comes with a gamble feature that enables a player to multiply their winnings. A subscription to it allows an individual to predict the correct card colour or card suit. Getting the right colour multiplies players’ winning by two, while a correct prediction of the card suit quadruples the winnings.

There’s more! When the aquarium fishes are not on site, they are busy enjoying an aquarium party. Play Fish Party for a chance to join in the party. The cool aspect is that; unlike most online casino websites, new players require no registration, yet it offers endless chances of winning great prizes.

Understanding the Fish Party Spin-n-Go Poker-Tournament Jackpots

Since 2016, MPN’s Fish Party online casino game has featured online poker tournaments for this Spin & Go variant. Players can get a chance to enter into various jackpot tournaments on several MPN-powered casino sites.

With every Spin & Go variant, there is always a random selection for loads of prizes on offer at the commencement of each tournament. There are five jackpots and if a player is lucky enough, the selection indicator lands at one, a player can make bountiful profits.

This online poker variant Fish Party online game is preferred to other Spin & Go alternatives because their tournaments come with huge benefits:

Players only pay a 6% rake covering all buy-ins, like with other variant-poker providers, which require players to pay up to an 8% rake. Players can win great prizes and real cash in a big online casino jackpot, which are on the higher end as compared the maximum pay-outs in other digital casinos.

If you happen to land at the highest multiplier in the jackpot, you can rest assured to a maximum pay-out of 50.30/20. In other Fish Party tournaments, winners get the full prize as expected.

Online casino tournaments for this Spin & Go slot game is played in the Superturbo module and normally usurp 10-12 minutes, with an average game time of 4-7 minutes.

Prima: MPN Creates New Software Updates for its Clients

In August 2018, MPN officiated the launch of a new online poker client, Prima, which is focused on improving the gaming experience for all their users.

Designed to target the players, Prima features an easy-to-use interface, and simple navigation to other extras like cash, tournaments, and jackpots for various casino games, a blind cash lobby, as well as player-friendly access systems to rewards.

Not only does the new Prima updates enhance gamers’ experience, but they are also aimed at promoting responsible gambling with bolstered transparency. That includes a player’s profile indicating gaming history. That details the overall profits and losses experienced across all types of games with a filter feature based on a specified timeframe. It gives players critical insights to help them monitor and review their playing skills and make better gaming choices.

Prima, which is integrated with other platform techs, has a modular designed, powered from the same database that will allow MPN to make updates and send it to all these platforms at a go. With such a robust technological space, players and online gambling platforms across the globe can receive these updates on a timely basis. It also creates a sustainable technological solution to support future smart devices.

Fish Party online poker game is a stand-alone Spin & Go variant that gets gamers into a gambling mood. The combination of great display, simple game rules and the addition of Prima, Fish Party will surely present a chance to not only join in tournaments, but players can also indulge in individual play for a chance to win real cash.

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